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Obbie Organic CBD Nail Care

I created Obbie Organic Nail Care Treatments in homage to my dear Aunt Obbie and her battle with Diabetes and getting an infection from a pedicure service. 

Obbie Organic Pedicures are special and unique because they are designed with care in mind for sensitive hands and feet.

These special CBD nail treatments offer:

 *More pampering as you get to recline in a comfortable position.

 *Safe as they don’t waterlog the skin making them more susceptible to skin damage and infection.

 *No recontamination from sharing water basins.

 *Safe for sensitive feet and basic diabetic foot care.

 *Reduces the chance of fungal infection.

 * Water-free pedicures are safe for the environment.

 *Polish lasts longer.


Obbie Organic CBD Nail Treatments

OB Zen Spa Manicure (CBD) $55 45min

This manicure is designed to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin with a gentle sea salt scrub and hydrate the skin with an aromatic CBD oil massage and hot mitts. This treatment helps to tone and hydrate the skin as well as improve circulation.

OB Zen Spa Pedicure (CBD) $85 45min

If you experience pain in your lower legs and feet this treatment offers soothing relief that will last. 

Toenail Restoration Pedicure $195 1.5hr

LCN Barefoot is effective on scaly nail surfaces, for correcting ridges and deformations, hiding discoloration, and for protecting growing toenails. Great for summer sandal wear, special occasions, vacations, anywhere you will need to go Bearfoot. 

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