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Obbie Pedi Treatments

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Obbie Organic Foot Care

I created Obbie Organic Foot Care Treatments in homage to my dear Aunt Obbie.


For many years my aunt’s favorite self-care routine was to treat herself to a manicure and pedicure at her favorite salon every two weeks. She taught me the importance of having healthy nails, healthy skin and the importance of make-up, fashion and beauty. However, one session stopped all that, she got an infection after receiving a pedicure which created a long struggle with heath care issues. Due to complications from the infection, poor health, and struggle with diabetes she lost both her legs over the years and then lost the battle and passed away in the beginning of 2020.


After seeing what she went through, safe pedicure practices have become a major concern for me and therefore I decided to create a waterless pedicure process that will give you amazing looking feet while providing super safe foot care treatments.

Obbie Organic Pedicures offer:

 *More pampering as you get to recline in a comfortable position.

 *Safe as they don’t waterlog the skin making them more susceptible to skin damage and infection.

 *No recontamination from sharing water basins.

 *Safe for sensitive feet and basic diabetic foot care.

 *Reduces chance of fungal infection.

 * Water free pedicures are safe for the environment.

 *Polish lasts longer.


OB Organic Pedicure $95

This pedicure is for sensitive feet and ideal for diabetic foot care. 

OB Signature Pedicure $85 1hr.

Receive a very pampered treatment with full foot care pampering as well as a soothing hand and arm massage.

OB Minimizing Pedicure (MLD) $80 1hr.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage pedicure will help reduce inflammation in feet and lower legs. 

OB Zen Spa Pedicure (CBD) $90 1hr.

If you experience pain in your lower legs and feet this treatment offers soothing relief that will last. 

Soothing Foot Treatment $50 45min.

This wonderful treatment is designed to help soften your feet and is great as an add on to any facial or body treatment.

This is not a pedicure.