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Organic Nail Care


Marine Mineral Hand & Foot Rejuvenation (Studio Only) $90  80 min.

This is not your average manicure or pedicure. This luxurious hand and foot treatment is not only designed to help improve the look and heath of your skin and nails, but to assist you into a deep sense of relaxation.  You will receive a filing and shaping of the nails, cuticle care, nails buffed till shine, exfoliation with soothing oils and creams to help improve the elasticity of the skin. In addition to and hand a foot massage, you will receive warm hand mitts and hot towels for your feet. 


Signature Pedicure $65 1hr. 

This luxurious, waterless pedicure includes aromatic hot steam, soothing hot towels infused with essential oils, leg and foot exfoliation to remove dry skin, hard skin removal, cuticle work and nail shaping with an aromatherapy leg and foot massage and a beautiful buff and shine. Due to the organic nature of this treatment it is great for diabetic foot care maintenance. 

Therapeutic Foot Care Treatment $100 1.5hrs

Experiencing foot problems?
This pedicure provides the ultimate care for your feet, promoting overall foot and nail health, while ensuring absolute safety and hygiene. Effectively treat dry cracked skin, calluses, and/or other minor foot conditions. Also proficient in handling with care complicated foot conditions caused by diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular disease. Each session is customized. Not a replacement for Podiatrist care.

Soothing Foot Treatment Add On $50  20 min.

This luxurious foot treatment softens the skin with a soothing body scrub mousse  and wrapped in a thermal skin mask to help increase circulation and hydrate the skin. This could be sold as a stand-alone treatment or as an add on to facials, body treatments, or pedicures.

These treatments are a true organic experience no polish is applied.