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Daniel Pilkington 

Pure Spa Wellness

*Director of Finance

*Reiki Practitioner

Wholistic Wellness for Warriors, Inc

*Board Treasurer 

Greetings, luminous souls,

I am Daniel Pilkington, honored to serve as the Director of Finance at Pure Spa Wellness, a sacred space dedicated to rejuvenation and holistic well-being. With a distinguished journey marked by my expertise in financial stewardship and a profound connection to the spa and wellness realm, I am devoted to nurturing the financial aura of Pure Spa Wellness, ensuring it is as serene and balanced as the healing energies we cultivate.

In my role, I harmoniously manage the fiscal energies of our spa sanctuary, guiding our financial pathways with intuitive insight and strategic vision. My heart beats not only for financial prosperity but also for delivering an unparalleled, tranquil experience to our cherished patrons, resonating with the very essence of Pure Spa Wellness.

My commitment is to the financial harmony of our organization, empowering us to continue being a sanctuary of relaxation and renewal for all who seek solace. I eagerly look forward to contributing to the enduring success of Pure Spa Wellness, ensuring that our financial peace reflects the profound serenity our guests discover within our walls.

With warmest blessings,

Daniel Pilkington

Pure Spa Wellness 
152 Simsbury Road
Avon CT 06001
Reiki and holistic skin care
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