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Unleash Your Potential!
Invest in Self-Transformation Now!

The H.E.R. Program

For the woman ready to

address goals, release emotional blocks,

and obtain personal growth.  

Multiple Reiki Healing sessions offer deeper healing and true transformation. Each session provides unique relaxation and clarity. With time and repetition, individuals can address goals and emotional blocks, leading to lasting healing and personal growth. The sessions create continuity, support, and tailored care for overall well-being.

With these sessions, you'll be better able to:

•Gain greater motivation and direction

   *Develop Structure in Your Life 

•Heal past traumas

•Overcome your fears

•Learn to cope with difficult relationships and situations

             *Break away from toxic relationships 

•Relieve physical discomfort

•Increase your self-confidence

•Understand your life's purpose

•And connect to your intuition and higher self

Complimentary Discovery Session

Not sure if H.E.R. Program is for you?

I offer a complimentary Discovery Session to all my clients and potential clients.

I invest in you right from the start because

I want you to be certain this is

the right move for you.

Happy Girl


3 Month Partnership


*1 Complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session

*7 Two Hour Reiki & Emotional Support Sessions

*2 post session support call per week

*Unlimited text & email support

*Includes a copy of "H.E.R. Guide to Self-Discovery."

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