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It's Time to take care of YOU and TRANSFORM!
Invest In Yourself Now!

The work of transforming your life from
a place of quiet desperation and stress
to a place of meaning and fulfillment
is just that — work.
It requires a commitment to change and a willingness to be honest throughout the process
and it requires an investment.

You are your own most valuable resource, and the most successful women understand the benefit
of investing in themselves.

Choosing to get support to help you build emotional wellness and self-worth is a sign of being ready to take control of your life. It’s the recognition that you have some blind spots or places you get stuck – and the proactive desire to make a change.

It’s the awareness that an impartial partner
can help take you from where you have been
to where you want to be
by meeting you right where you are,
without any judgment.

The H.E.R. Program

For the woman ready to remember

her worth, build her confidence & trust herself.

I use self-care techniques to help empower you to see yourself as the person you want to be while helping you quiet the voice telling you you’re not good enough, not worthy, and not loveable.


These transformational reiki sessions are designed for the woman who has experienced trauma, overwhelm, burnout, mental exhaustion and emotionally stuck, and in need of emotional release and reflection. These sessions are designed to help you release stagnant energy and emotions and help you discover what might be standing in the way of moving forward. 

6 Month Partnership


*1 Complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session

*13 Two Hour Reiki & Emotional Support Sessions

*2 post session support call per week

*Unlimited text & email support

*Includes a copy of "H.E.R. Guide to Self-Discovery."

3 Month Partnership


*1 Complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session

*7 Two Hour Reiki & Emotional Support Sessions

*2 post session support call per week

*Unlimited text & email support

Single Session 


The H.E.R (Healing Emotions with Reiki) Single Session is for the woman that has been through my 6-month program. These sessions are designed to continue maintaining the positive transformation to keep you moving forward in your life. Together, we will continue to identify your doubts and fears that keep you from living your vision and becoming a thriver and help you step into the woman that you were meant to be.

*2 Hour Reiki & Emotional Support Session 

*1 post session support call per week

*Text & email support available

Happy Girl

Complimentary Discovery Session


Not sure if H.E.R. Program is for you?

I offer a complimentary Discovery Session to all my clients and potential clients.

I invest in you right from the start because

I want you to be certain this is

the right move for you.


What to Expect

I use a trauma sensitive approach to help guide you to invite more love, kindness and self-appreciation into your life so you can strengthen your self-worth and improve the relationship with yourself and build lasting self-esteem.

I help by giving you structured practical tools to make peace with your emotions and let go of beliefs that have prevented you from feeling worthy of living life on your terms.

Schedule your complimentary

Discovery Session today

and we can begin our work together immediately.

I’m excited to hear from you!

Confetti Girl
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