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Elevating the Skincare Experience

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AromaCare Facial 

Experience the transformative benefits of our AromaCare Facial, designed to optimize skin health. This aromatherapy facial boasts a deep cleansing treatment, expertly removing impurities and unclogging pores, which is essential for maintaining a clear complexion. The exfoliation step further enhances the skin by eliminating dead skin cells, facilitating improved absorption of essential nutrients and moisturizers.

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Reiki and and oncology holistic skin care

CannaCare Facial 

Embrace the wonders of our CBD-infused CannaCare Facial, meticulously formulated to deliver remarkable benefits to your skin. Cannabidiol (CBD) is renowned for its powerful healing properties, and this opulent facial harnesses its potential to provide extensive antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.


StemCare LED Facial

Unlock the potential of cutting-edge stem cell technology with our StemCare LED Facial, a meticulously curated skincare ritual designed to revitalize your skin at a profound level. This extraordinary treatment combines the powerful effects of LED light therapy and stem cells to ignite a transformative process in your skin's vitality.

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Teen Radiance Facial

Discover radiant skin with our specialized Teen Radiance Facial. Combat acne, refine pores, and enhance your natural glow. Enjoy gentle exfoliation, precise extractions, and hydrating masks while learning valuable skincare tips. Boost confidence and embrace a radiant tomorrow through this revitalizing experience.

Add On Treatment Modalities

Booster Serum

Recovery Serum

Skin Serum



High Frequency 

Ion Therapy LED  

Gua Sha 

30 Minute Serenity

Reiki Energy Healing 

Decollate Treatment 

Optimizing Eye, Lip & Decollate Treatment

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