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 Oncology Skin Care:

Empowering Your Journey to Radiant Health!

Are you or a loved one battling cancer? We understand the toll it takes on both body and spirit. That’s why we offer specialized Oncology Skin Care at Pure Spa Wellness, designed specifically for those undergoing cancer treatment.

Why choose our Oncology Skin Care?

  • Gentle and Nourishing: Our products soothe, hydrate, and nourish dry, sensitive skin affected by cancer treatments.

  • Expertly Designed: Created with input from leading oncologists and dermatologists to promote healing and comfort.

  • Safety First: Rigorously tested and free from harsh chemicals, ensuring safe use during and after treatments.

  • Boost Confidence: Addresses common issues like radiation-induced reactions and dryness, helping you maintain your self-esteem.

  • Personalized Care: Personalized consultations to recommend products tailored to your unique needs.


Embark on your path to radiant health with our Oncology Skin Care collection. Let us support you with the best care throughout your cancer journey. Discover the difference our specialized care can make. Together, we’ll embrace beauty, resilience, and hope.

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Reiki and oncology holistic skin care CBD

TheraCare Facial

This incredible therapeutic restorative facial for Oncology patients is designed to be a relaxing, holistic spa service that helps nourish and restore the integrity of the skin for those undergoing radiation, chemotherapy or post cancer. This treatment is performed by a Certified Oncology Esthetician with the knowledge and gentle touch to treat the most sensitive clients. This treatment includes a double gentle cleanse, a customized mask for the client's utmost benefit and relaxing properties for 10 minutes. A light upper body, neck and facial massage is also performed, finishing products geared toward your skin’s needs are then applied, sending you off relaxed and refreshed. Lastly end with Reiki healing to restore energy and vitality. 

Pure Green Back Treatment

Treat your back to this luxurious back treatment with a deep cleansing of the sell pores, steam, exfoliation, mask and a soothing CBD massage that will reduce pain and inflammation, release tension and stress and assist in circulating the blood to improve the vitality of the skin.

Intuitive Healing Session

A Reiki session for oncology is a gentle, complementary therapy designed to support cancer patients. It involves a trained practitioner using hands-on or hands-off techniques to channel healing energy, promoting relaxation and emotional well-being. Patients remain fully clothed during the session, which typically lasts 30 minutes to an hour. While Reiki can offer comfort and alleviate stress, it is not a substitute for medical treatment and should be used alongside conventional cancer care with the approval of a healthcare provider.

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