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Reiki Treatment

Reiki Sessions 

When you restore the flow and balance of your energy with Reiki, you are better able to “listen to your gut.” You can access your intuition, gain clarity, and make those tough decisions with confidence and conviction.

 But it can be hard to do when your energy is blocked and you’re feeling depleted, overworked and overwhelmed.

Reiki Chakra Healing Session - $115

As a Reiki Practitioner, I often focus on balancing the energy in my clients' bodies and chakras. A long-term imbalance in any one of our chakras can lead to physical and emotional issues. Life is never stagnant; it is always changing. The energies around us are always changing and thus, our energy is always changing. Our bodies function at their best when our energies are balanced and flowing. By focusing on clearing our chakras, we can help our bodies function at their best. This Reiki session will help you clear and balance your chakras which will help you find clarity in thought and feel emotionally and mentally stable. I begin the session by working on your back, then I work on the front to balance your chakra energy, cleanse your aura and activate your chi. I incorporate complimentary healing modalities with a short, guided meditation, frequency music, healing crystals, sound bowl, and sage.

Intuitive Healing Session - $105                                  

Reiki Sessions flow toward your needs. Before beginning the session, we will sit down and discuss what is going on in your life, why you are here and what you would like to accomplish. Chatting one-on-one allows us to get to know each other and develop a level of comfort. During the session, I incorporate complementary healing modalities such as healing touch facial massage, aura cleansing, crystals, sound bowl, and sage.

Virtual Healing Session - $95                              

Remote Reiki is just as effective as in-person sessions. While you relax in your own space, the Reiki clears, balances, and resets your energy. Gain direction and clarity in relationships, business, health, and personal issues. Distant Reiki aligns you with your inner being so you can face what comes your way with love and confidence.


My reiki sessions typically last for about 45 minutes to an hour but can go longer depending on your individual needs.

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