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Why Choose
Pure Spa Wellness?

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Discover Pure Spa Wellness, where unique holistic therapies meet personal rejuvenation:

Diverse Specializations: Our unique services include Holistic Facials, tailored Oncology Facials, energy-enhancing Reiki Facials, and deep spiritual Reiki Healing.


Advanced Therapies: From Manual Lymphatic Drainage to detoxifying Thermal Therapy Sauna Blanket Treatments and comprehensive skincare like Full Body Microdermabrasion, we cater to all aspects of body wellness.

Community Focus: Through our upcoming nonprofit, Wholistic Wellness for Warriors, Inc., we extend healing beyond our spa, supporting oncology patients and survivors of trauma with specialized care.

Choose Pure Spa Wellness for transformative care that nurtures both body and spirit that cares for you and the community.

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