an extraordinary life begins with self-care

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   Self-Care is Empowering!
   My passion and life's work is helping women heal and transform from a place of quiet desperation to a place of hope and empowerment, where they can embrace their authentic selves and be the women they are meant to be.
    I use self-care modalities to guide women in identifying their inner strengths and conquering their fears and the perceived barriers that hold them back. Once we identify these barriers together, I arm my clients with techniques to begin their own unique healing process and to begin achieving what they most want in life.

Whether you feel overwhelmed by life, anger, grief, sadness, low self-esteem, or any other emotion that is having a damaging effect on your life, you CAN change how you feel.


I provide guidance and support and help you develop the skills you already have to be kinder to yourself and introduce you to ones you didn't know you possessed to create the woman you want to be. 

 I will help you address your thinking patterns and thoughts

and will help you create and develop different strategies to get you to your desired goal and teach you the skills to coach yourself.  

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**Coaching is not therapy. I do not help with mental health issues or fix problems from your past. I provide feedback on where you are today so you can take action to reach your goals. Together we will discover and remove obstacles to establish and reach achievable goals. If you need help dealing with deeper emotional, psychological issues, it will be suggested you see a therapist and be referred if possible.*