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An Extraordinary Life Begins with H.E.R
Healing Emotions with Reiki

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The H.E.R. Program is

Empowering and Healing


     My passion and life's work is helping women heal and transform from a place of quiet desperation to a place of hope and empowerment, where they can embrace their authentic selves and be the women they are meant to be.


    I use self-care modalities to guide women in identifying their inner strengths and conquering their fears and the perceived barriers that hold them back. Once we identify these barriers together, I arm my clients with techniques to begin their own unique healing process and to begin achieving what they most want in life.


Transformational Packages

With multiple sessions, you’ll get deeper healing and true transformation!

The beauty of Reiki is that every session is different. You experience unique relaxation and gain unique clarity each time.

And for those of us with important goals or deep-seated emotional blocks, we need time and repetition to truly heal and become our healthy selves.

Multiple Reiki Healing sessions allow you to do just that.

With these sessions, you'll be better able to:

•Gain greater motivation and direction

   *Develop Structure in Your Life 

•Heal past traumas

•Overcome your fears

•Learn to cope with difficult relationships

             *Break away from toxic relationships 

•Relieve physical discomfort

•Increase your self-confidence

•Understand your life's purpose

•And connect to your intuition and higher self

Hello Beautiful Souls!

  My name is Chrystal, and I am a Licensed Holistic and Oncology Aesthetician, Reiki Master Teacher, Emotional Support Guide and former crisis and mental health worker. I have always been passionate about helping others stabilize themselves in emotionally critical situations and heal from trauma.  I became a Trauma-Informed Wellness Practitioner because I myself am a survivor of trauma and I wanted to offer ways to help others break through the negative emotions developed out of traumatic experiences.


   My experience with my own personal therapy and working on myself has been long and vast and was the driving reason why I began a career in the healing arts and in social work as a counselor/advocate for sexual assault and domestic violence. I had an amazing therapist at the beginning of my journey, and I wanted to offer others what she offered me, compassion and a pathway to heal.

 When I decided to begin regular reiki treatments it took me from survivor to thriver. I spent many years working on accepting and managing the emotions that resulted from my trauma yet could never move beyond the wounded person.


  Once I decided to have reiki sessions on a regular basis, I noticed a HUGE shift in the attachment I had to the trauma, both mentally and emotionally…with each session I noticed a shift and I finally felt the freedom from having to dance around my triggers, life began to feel more positive, and things began to change and evolve.  

   This is what I am offering you now. No matter where you are with your healing journey, Reiki has an amazing effect with releasing those deep emotional wounds that we find hard to address. And its gentle yet powerful.

Enjoying Nature

Begin Your Healing Journey Today!

Happy Woman

**These sessions are not and do not replace therapy. I do not help with mental health issues or fix problems from your past. I provide feedback on where you are today so you can take action to reach your goals. Together we will discover and remove obstacles to establish and reach achievable goals. If you need help dealing with deeper emotional, psychological issues, it will be suggested you see a therapist and be referred if possible.*

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