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“Yesterday I went to Pure Spa for my Mother’s Day gift from my sons. I got the Sweet Escape Package and it was every sense of the word “escape”. The owner, Chrystal incorporated Reiki with the facial. I don’t know much about Reiki but I want to share my experience. I felt as if part of my body was floating and I felt such a deep sense of relaxation that I’ve never had before. I also became emotional and felt I was pushing toxins out of my body and it was so calming. Today, I still feel that calmness. I truly feel like a new woman. Thank you, Chrystal. You have an amazing gift.”

 (Intuitive Healing Facial)


Chrystal has the most incredible and powerful grounding energy!!! I have never been so relaxed after a facial!!! The Reiki with crystals and the CBD infused skincare took it to another level!!Connecticut friends or anyone in Western Mass looking for a unique and very thorough experience - go see my Reiki sister, Chrystal! 

(CannaCare Facial)


“My experience with Reiki was truly unbelievable! I could not believe how relaxed I became and the feeling I had inside myself. I had such a sense of calming within me. Even after the session and the next day. At one point after my reiki session I even felt emotional. I will definitely return for another session and looking forward to more spiritual healing.”

(In-Person Reiki Session)


“So I had my very first Reiki session and I had no clue what to expect. I wish I had done it sooner. I have not felt so light and clear headed in a very long time. Having had back problems and a career that requires me to stand all day, I usually alternate between my chiropractor and reflexologist… I have not seen either since my appointment with Chrystal, nor have I experienced any back pain. This past year has been stressful for most of us. I would recommend that everyone add reiki to their self-care routine. Along with providing superior skin care Chrystal has tapped into a whole new level of relaxation and balance,”


(Facial, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Salt Scrub, Pedicure, Reiki)


I received my first reiki session from Chrystal, and I feel like reiki has been the missing link in my self-care and healing journey. During the session I felt incredible peace and relaxation and I will admit, a refreshing burst of emotion that caught me a little off guard but in a good way. Chrystal's demeanor was comforting and professional and I knew I was in good hands. The best part was how I felt when I left. The rest of my evening was spent with calm and centered approach. I just felt "different" like I was completely aware of being present and deeply focused. Each breath I took felt like I had purpose. In short, I felt alive, and I carry the peace as I write these words. I cannot wait to get another session. Chrystal Is fantastic!

(Intuitive Healing Session)


I had the CBD facial, and it was so relaxing! The space was cozy and clean. I felt amazing after this experience! My face feels so smooth. 

(CannaCare Facial)


"I have been visiting Pure Spa for a little over 4 months now and absolutely LOVE Chrystal and her amazing services, have had so many. So when I found out she was going to be offering Reiki I jumped at the opportunity. I had heard of Reiki before, but didn’t fully understand what it was...but no worries there, Chrystal was able to explain the benefits of Reiki so I completely understood what it was all about. 


Recently I have been experiencing a lot of stress at work and was having a hard time dealing with the stress and how to overcome it. Chrystal informed me that Reiki would be a great option to help me deal with stress so I said let's give it a try.


After 3 sessions of Reiki with Chrystal/Pure Spa I have seen amazing improvements on how I deal with stress. In the past I would allow the work-related stress to overcome me and since I have had Reiki done by Chrystal I have been able to slow down, understand the stress and address it in a much calmer manner with so much less stress!! It's been amazing!! 


Reiki is amazing and I am so happy Chrystal suggested it to me!!! I would highly recommend anyone who wants to improve something in life to contact Pure Spa and Chrystal and book a Reiki's amazing!!!!!"

(Signature Facial, Back Treatment, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Pedicure, Reiki)


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