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CBD Healing

Body Care Treatments 

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Purify Back Facial $85 45 min.

A facial for your back!! Deeply cleanse and purify, reducing and removing any unwanted breakout activity on the back. This relaxing treatment provides the best of both a body treatment and a facial in one!

Crystal Back Buff $95 45 min.

This back microdermabrasion helps to remove dead skin, impurities and helps eliminate sun damage over time. It also helps to reduce sunspots, leathery skin from the sun as well as fine lines and wrinkles. In the cold weather months it will help eliminate scaly dry skin and get rid of any scaring or hyperpigmentation.

Mineral Salt Glow $145 1hr.

During this full body treatment, the scrubbing salts are mixed with an aromatic massage oil for a skin-deep exfoliation. The scrubbing salts are made with marine salt, rich in trace-elements. The sea salt exfoliates the skin while releasing mineral elements from the micronized seaweed well known for their detoxifying and remineralizing properties. Hot towels are used to help soothe the muscles and skin and to help dissolve the sea salts into the skin leaving your skin feeling baby soft, refreshed and renewed. 

Diamond Body Buff $170 60min

​This is a full body microdermabrasion that has been found to be effective in treating:
*Stretch Marks
*Uneven Skin Tone
*Rough dry skin
Please note this microdermabrasion skin treatment is for the legs, arms, hands, stomach, back and neck. It is not applied to the face.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Full Body) $150 - 60min.

Do you workout, eat clean or looking to start a healthy regimen to take care of your body? Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a specialized skin treatment that is a GREAT addition for those focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

This is NOT MASSAGE, Body Sculpting session or treatment for Lymphedema or post-surgery edema.​

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